To escape the Rat Race by January 2020 and begin a life of being 100% financially independent. On January 1, 2017, I will be 27 years old.

Once FI is achieved my vision and plan is to live a life with much more meaning and much more flexibility. My plan isn’t to “retire” per se. Its to be in a position where I don’t ever have to work another job I don’t love, so I can focus on family, as well as the people and activities I love.

So please! Follow me along this journey on my extremely early “retirement”.


I hope you comment as well as share the things you are doing to achieve Financial Independence and freedom. Tell me how your FI journey is going! I love hearing other’s stories and hustles. I will be sure and comment on everything I receive.


I’m pursuing financial independence and freedom, so I can live the life I want. My entire blog is devoted to writing about my journey to early retirement. If you are looking to escape the rat race, come join me! I want to hear your stories.


Entrepreneur, writer, pilot. I love helping people get out of the rat race and into a fulfilling life.